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Hex Plywood For Camper Van Conversion | RSC

Hex Plywood For Camper Van Conversion | RSC

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The Riga Heska alternative

Introducing Rock Solid Component Hex Plywood - The Ultimate in Durability and Style

Elevate your van's interior with Rock Solid Component's Hex Plywood, the ideal solution for those seeking both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This robust plywood panel is expertly laminated with a black film and adorned with a distinctive hexagonal pattern, making it perfect for garage area interior panels or as stylish, slip-resistant flooring.

Unmatched Durability for Your Adventurous Lifestyle

Crafted to withstand the rigors of travel, Hex Plywood has undergone extensive testing, including over 72 hours in boiling water, proving its exceptional resistance to delamination. This resilience guarantees that your van's interior will not only look impeccable but also endure the test of time and travel.

Aesthetic and Functional Excellence

Choose Hex Plywood for its superior slip resistance and decorative flair. Its unique hexagonal pattern not only adds a modern touch to your van's interior but also provides essential traction, ensuring safety and comfort in your mobile haven.

Experience the blend of durability and design with Tec Vanlife's Hex Plywood– your first choice for van flooring and paneling that truly stands out.

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