Stainless Steel Wheel Well Water Tanks & Undermount Water Tanks

Stainless Steel Wheel Well Water Tanks & Undermount Water Tanks

Attention Van Conversion DIYers


This week at our factory we are ramping up the production of the stainless steel ultra low-profile shower pan, food grade 304 stainless steel Wheel Well Water Tanksfood grade 304 stainless steel Undermount Water Tanks.



Tired of cracked plastic water tanks? As our stainless steel tanks enter mass production, we are expecting to bring the cost down by at least 50%, so a wheel well water tank made of 14mm thick stainless steel will cost less than $650 CAD! And the tanks will have better quality than ever before thanks to our improved manufacturing process.

Following products will be available for you to purchase in 8-10 weeks:


- Sprinter 2500 Wheel Well Water Tank 32 Gallon

- Sprinter 3500 Dually Wheel Well Water Tank 32 Gallon

- Transit Wheel Well Water Tank 32 Gallon

- Promaster Wheel Well Water Tank 32 Gallon

- Sprinter Undermount Water Tank

- Transit Undermount Water Tank



We are also developing new mounting systems for the tanks so the tank installation will no linger be a nightmare for first time DIYERs! Stay tuned!





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