Elevate Your Vanlife Adventure with Tec Vanlife

At TecVan, we're more than just parts suppliers; we're creators of exceptional vanlife experiences. From Vancouver to our new expansion in Portland, Oregon, we design and manufacture in-house, guaranteeing unparalleled quality for every builder and DIY enthusiast.

At Tec Vanlife, we prioritize innovation and quality. We invest heavily in research and development to bring better products to the vanlife community. This approach allows us to offer advanced, in-house engineered camper van conversion kits and parts that blend cutting-edge technology with exceptional design.

We believe in the extraordinary. Our clientele isn't just skilled; they're visionaries, crafting mobile sanctuaries that transcend the ordinary DIY project. With TecVan parts, your van conversion embodies professional-grade finish and functionality, setting you apart on the road and at any destination.

Embracing Innovation: Our Commitment to Lightweight Van Upgrades

We're taking a giant leap forward in the van conversion industry by dedicating ourselves to extensive research and development of innovative products. We've heard your concerns loud and clear: the fear of overburdening your vans is real. Excess weight can negatively impact handling, safety, and performance, making your van feel underpowered. Our solution? A focus on lightweight components to enhance your driving experience without compromising power.

Learn more about The Carbon Fiber Revolution

A Superior Finish, A Superior Lifestyle

Our products are more than tools; they're your ticket to a life of comfort and elegance on wheels. Inspired by the ethos of premium brand companies, we understand that excellence isn't just about what you build; it's about becoming part of an passionate community of vanlifers who demand more from their adventures and their lives.

Join the TecVan Family

Choosing TecVan means choosing a life where every detail reflects your demand for quality, innovation, and style. It's not just about building a van; it's about crafting a lifestyle that's as unique and exceptional as you are.

Welcome to TecVan. Welcome to the next level of vanlife.

  • Sprinter/Transit Carbon Fiber Body Panels

    Our sleek carbon fiber hood and side body panels, designed to transform your van's performance and appearance. These cutting-edge additions are not just about enhancing aesthetics; they significantly reduce weight, improving efficiency and handling.

    But that's not all – functionality meets form with built-in ditch/off-road light mounting points on the hood, making it a practical yet stylish upgrade. Whether you're navigating city streets or embarking on off-road adventures, our carbon fiber panels are the perfect blend of performance, appearance, and utility.

  • Carbon Fiber Storage Boxes

    🌟 Dive into the future with us as we unveil our prototype: the Carbon Fiber Venti Box 🚀 Perfect for the vanlife enthusiast who craves the ultimate in lightweight durability. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be putting this unit through rigorous tests to ensure it can withstand the most rugged environments. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’s impressively lightweight and unbelievably strong! Stay tuned for updates, and let us know your thoughts!

  • New Sprinter/Transit/Promaster Wheel Well Cabinet System

    Designed to revolutionize the way you organize and utilize space in your van, this modular platform serves as the ultimate housing solution for your ecoflow/electrical system, water system, and storage needs. Plus, it features a detachable Murphy bed for ultimate convenience and space efficiency.

    Crafted from custom aluminum extrusion and available with optional carbon fiber panels, our cabinet system prioritizes lightweight durability and versatile design. Whether for storage, sleep, or system management, it offers seamless integration into your van life, ensuring you travel lighter, with all your essentials smartly organized and easily accessible.

  • New Tec Vanlife Sprinter Running Board/Slider with Drop Down!

    Designed exclusively for AWD and 4x4 Sprinter van owners, our latest iteration is a single running board made of high-strength aluminum (powder-coated black) which now runs wheel to wheel on both sides. We’ve engineered the mounting points for a secure fit and easy installation, ensuring you’re adventure-ready in no time. Step up and out with our new running boards. 🚀

  • Mini L Track System

    Transform your camper van with our latest innovation, designed for the modern nomad. Ultra-lightweight at just 1.18" (30mm) wide and inspired by the versatile airline track system, this sleek, space-efficient system offers unparalleled customization. With custom-developed fittings and elegant surface caps to conceal holes, it perfectly blends functionality with style. Elevate your travel experience with our Mini L Track System – the ultimate in van interior customization. Stay tuned for our launch!

  • Tec Vanlife Engineered Elevating Bed

    Optimize your van space with our Elevating Bed. Raise your expectations for high quality design and execution. Raise and lower the bed with a hand crank. Designed with durability and convenience in mind, its lightweight yet high-strength structure ensures you never have to worry about setting up your bed after a long day's adventure. Simply crank, sleep, and elevate to reclaim your space during the day.

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