About Tec Vanlife

About Tec Vanlife

Welcome to Tec Vanlife, we are a dedicated factory-direct parts supplier for exceptional camper van conversions. Headquatered in Vancouver, BC

Driving Innovation Forward: Tec Vanlife's Dedication to Advanced Product Development

At Tec Vanlife, our core mission transcends beyond just offering products for camper van conversions; we are dedicated to revolutionizing the van life experience through continuous innovation and development. Our commitment is not just to participate in the market but to lead it by introducing groundbreaking products and features that set new standards in the industry.

Our journey of innovation is fueled by an unyielding pursuit of knowledge in advanced technological integrations and unique design elements. The Tec Vanlife team is constantly engaged in learning and exploring the latest advancements in technology and design. This relentless pursuit allows us to seamlessly weave these cutting-edge innovations into our products, ensuring that we consistently offer something exceptional, functional, and ahead of its time.

We firmly believe that true innovation serves the best interests of our customers. As such, a substantial portion of our revenue is reinvested into research and development. This strategic allocation of resources underscores our commitment to you, our customer, over other pursuits like extensive advertising campaigns. Our focus is on investing in what genuinely matters – creating superior products that elevate your van life experience, ensuring safety, comfort, and unparalleled style.

Choosing Tec Vanlife means opting for a partner who shares your passion for innovation and adventure. We are more than just a brand; we are fellow enthusiasts committed to enhancing the journey of every van lifer. Join us at Tec Vanlife as we continue to push the boundaries, explore uncharted territories, and lead the way in the exciting world of camper van conversions. Your adventures inspire us, and together, we will redefine what it means to live life on the road.

    Our Legacy and Expansion

    Evolving from Tec Industry and Tomato RV Services, Tec Vanlife carries forward a rich heritage of expertise in the camper van conversion sector. Now, we're thrilled to expand our horizons!

    Our new location in Portland, Oregon, marks a significant milestone, becoming a central hub for builders and DIY enthusiasts. This expansion ensures easier access to our top-tier products and expertise.

    Join Us on the Journey

    At Tec Vanlife, we believe every build is a journey, and every journey is a story waiting to unfold. We invite you to start your story with us, where innovation, quality, and the spirit of adventure meet. Your dream van awaits, and we're here to equip you every step of the way.