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3M™ Thinsulate™ SM600L Acoustic Thermal Insulation

3M™ Thinsulate™ SM600L Acoustic Thermal Insulation

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3M SM600L sound thermal insulation engineered for vehicles. 60" wide, scrim on one side. 1 linear foot is 5 square feet. Material comes compressed from 3M. The material will expand to 1 3/4 or 44mm. Thinsulate is FMVSS 302 certified (federal motor vehicle safety standard).

  • Delivers more acoustic absorption per unit weight vs. competitive products
  • Helps customers meet mass reduction goals
  • Non-woven sound absorbing fibers create a quieter vehicle environment
  • Hydrophobic fibers resist moisture, mold and mildew

3M Thinsulate(TM) is delivered in a compressed form, similar to how we ship it. Fresh off the roll, the SM600L typically measures between 3/4 and 1 inch in thickness. Over time, it will naturally expand, although this process can take several weeks. For ease of installation, it's advisable to fit the material while it's still compressed and allow it to expand in place. The material's expansion is often aided by the vibrations from driving and exposure to heat, allowing it to 'fluff up'. The SM600L has a standard thickness of 42mm (1.65 inches) but can expand up to 2 inches, especially when hung from the ceiling, depending on the available space. Importantly, Thinsulate(TM) will only expand to fill the space it's given, without exerting pressure that could warp or bow trim panels. For any additional inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Maximize your van life experience with our 3M Thinsulate SM600L Insulation, ideal for camper van conversions. This premium insulation solution offers excellent thermal efficiency and soundproofing, ensuring a comfortable and quiet environment in your van. For an even better insulation result and enhanced comfort, we highly recommend pairing it with our Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner. Together, they deliver an outstanding overall insulation result, effective noise reduction, and condensation prevention, creating the perfect setting for your adventures. Choose this combination for a superior van life experience.

Tec Vanlife is a 3M Thinsulate distributor.

We recommend using 3M 90 Adhesive Spray to apply the white fiber side to the Van skin or Duck Liner.

Approximate amounts needed to insulate the walls, ceiling, doors and cab area:


  • 144” = 50 linear feet 
  • 170” = 60 linear feet 
  • 170” Extended = 70 linear feet 


  • 130” = 40 linear feet 
  • 148” = 50 linear feet 
  • 148” Extended = 60 linear feet


  • 136” = 40 linear feet
  • 159” = 50 linear feet
  • 150” Extended = 60 linear feet

*All size estimates assume sliding door and back door windows. If you don’t have any windows, add 10 more linear feet to your order


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