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Rock Solid Components


Aluminum Diesel Fuel Tank Storage Box

Aluminum Diesel Fuel Tank Storage Box

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TEC Features:

  • One piece seal on door, not on the box body
  • Light weight and durable

TEC Specs:

  • External Dimension: W 19.5" x D 15 3/4" X H 22" 
  • Diesel Tank Size: 2.6 gallon (4x included)
  • 3mm thick aluminum construction.


    Introducing the pinnacle of outdoor and adventure storage solutions: the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Diesel Fuel Tank Storage Box. Designed with the intrepid explorer in mind, this innovative storage box is the ultimate safeguard for your fuel needs, perfectly with your purchase. Constructed from 3mm thick high-strength aluminum, this resilient storage solution stands up to the most challenging conditions, ensuring your fuel supply remains secure, organized, and ready for whatever the road or trail demands. At the heart of the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box's design is a commitment to superior protection and organization. An aviation-grade rubber seal wraps around its edges, creating a watertight barrier against moisture and the elements. This meticulous attention to detail ensures your diesel fuel cans are protected from the harshest weather, preserving their integrity and keeping you moving forward, no matter the conditions.

    The storage box doesn't just perform exceptionally; it looks the part too. A sleek matte black door handle enhances the box's aesthetics, providing an elegant contrast to its rugged exterior. This handle isn't just about looks—it's designed for ease of use, ensuring you can access your fuel quickly and effortlessly, whenever you need it.

    Designed to integrate seamlessly into your van or vehicle, the storage box measures an efficient W 19.5" x D 15 3/4" x H 29.3", making it a compact yet spacious solution that doesn't compromise on space or accessibility. Its thoughtfully arranged interior guarantees that each jerry can has its designated spot, optimizing space and ensuring you're always prepared for the journey ahead.

    The Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box is built to last, with a construction that's as durable as it is dependable. Its robust aluminum frame, complemented by rugged hardware, is engineered for enduring performance, promising years of reliable service as your trusted travel companion.

    Whether you're a seasoned vanlifer, a weekend warrior, or someone who demands the best in outdoor gear storage, the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box offers a blend of elegance, convenience, and unparalleled reliability. Step up your storage game and embark on your adventures with the confidence that your diesel fuel is protected, organized, and accessible. Experience the future of storage excellence with the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Diesel Fuel Tank Storage Box—your ultimate partner in adventure readiness.


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