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Rock Solid Components


Aluminum Storage Box - Venti | Camper Van Storage

Aluminum Storage Box - Venti | Camper Van Storage

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TEC Features:
  • One piece seal on door, not on the box body
  • Light weight and durable
TEC Specs:
  • External Dimension: W 19.5" xD 15 3/4"  XH 29.3" 
  • 3mm thick aluminum construction.
  • Weight: 36lbs

Elevate your outdoor adventures with the cutting-edge Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box, an unwavering solution engineered to safeguard and systematize your gear. Constructed from robust 3mm thick high-strength aluminum, this storage box stands tall against the toughest conditions, ensuring your belongings remain secure and impeccably organized throughout your journeys.

Precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail converge in the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box, featuring an aviation-grade rubber seal enveloping its periphery. This watertight seal guarantees impervious protection against moisture, allowing you to brave even the most tumultuous weather with the unwavering assurance that your valuables will emerge dry and unscathed.

Exuding sophistication with every touch, the matte black door handle adds an elegant dimension to the box's rugged façade. This ergonomic handle not only exemplifies style but also grants you effortless access to your gear, facilitating seamless retrieval whenever the need arises. Whether accommodating camping essentials, crucial tools, or vital gear, the capacious and systematically arranged interior of the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box ensures everything finds its designated place.

Measuring a balanced W 19.5" in width, D 15 3/4" in depth, and H 29.3" in height, this storage box integrates seamlessly into your van or vehicle without encroaching on your precious space. Its ingeniously compact yet generously spacious architecture ensures that you carry all essentials for your escapades without sacrificing comfort or freedom of movement.

Built on the bedrock of durability, the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box is engineered to endure. The robust aluminum construction, fortified with rugged hardware, attests to its unyielding longevity. As a testament to unwavering dependability, this storage box emerges unfazed, resiliently combating years of wear and tear, serving as a stalwart companion throughout your odysseys.

From seasoned vanlifers to spirited weekend adventurers, the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box transcends practicality, embodying elegance and convenience. Elevate your storage regimen by fortifying your setup with this impeccable storage solution, ensuring your belongings remain protected, ordered, and easily accessible. Let nothing obscure your focus on the journey itself, as the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box empowers you to venture forth with sanguine certainty.

Step into the future of storage superiority with the Rock Solid Components Aluminum Storage Box - a triumphant convergence of strength, utility, and endurance. Revel in the tranquility of knowing your gear is sheltered, and embark on your escapades fortified with unshakable confidence. Upgrade your storage game today!


- The box comes with a built-in lock and two sets of keys. An additional lock can be added for enhanced security.

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