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Best Door Latches for Van Conversion | Marine Slam Door Latch

Best Door Latches for Van Conversion | Marine Slam Door Latch

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Metal Push Button Door Latch

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Black Marine Slam Door Latch Just Restocked,

Featuring dual spring handles, this Black Slam Latch keeps your door securely shut, even when your vehicle is in motion, ensuring a tranquil ride with zero unwanted noise. 🌬️🔒 Say goodbye to disturbances and embrace a smooth, serene journey like never before.

Tec Vanlife recommended Van Conversion Door Latches keep your drawers and cabinets from opening accidentally. 

But wait, there's more! 🎁🌟 The new door latch arrives with two different backing plates, accommodating door thicknesses ranging from 0 to 20mm. No matter what your van's specifications are, this lock has got you covered! 🚪💪

Crafted with premium materials, this door latch is built to withstand the test of time. 💯✨ Its flawless engineering ensures a seamless blend of durability and style, adding a touch of luxury to your vanlife experience. 💎🔐


-Metal push button door lock latch

Premium marine grade soft dampening push button, stylish, modern, functional and ultra durable.


Marine Slam Door Latch Black( 2 inch / 61.5mm diameter White)
Marine Slam Door Latch White( 2 inch / 61.5mm diameter )
Stainless Steel Marine Slam Latch (2 inch / 61.5mm diameter)
fits for mounting on panel thickness up to 0.41" thick.


Push Button Door Latches
fits for mounting on panel thickness from 0.68" - 0.88" thick.


Stainless Steel Marine Slam Latch (1 inch / 34mm diameter)
fits for mounting on panel thickness from 0.28" - 0.56" thick.



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