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Camper / RV Custom Wiring For Ecoflow Power Kit

Camper / RV Custom Wiring For Ecoflow Power Kit

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EcoFlow Power Kits change the game for vanlifers & RVers who need off-grid battery power but don’t know where to start. One power kit runs the entire system with easy-to-use cabling; this will also save space while offering four charging methods and intelligent controls. The Ecoflow Power Kit installation is very straightforward, but, it does not come with wires to hook up all your appliances.  

Not sure of the physical size and current carrying capacity of the wire needed for your camper?  Don't worry, we have got you covered. Tec Vanlife now offers custom 120V AC / 12V DC wiring kits for your Ecoflow Power unit. All you have to do is tell us what appliances you are hooking it up to and the length of the wire, and we will make the right wire for you. 

Our wire kits are high quality and cost-effective, all wires are nylon shielded and color-coded; and most importantly, they are custom made to the right size for your camper's electrical system. 




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