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CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Insulation Curtain

CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Insulation Curtain

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Are you seeking a universal bunk window cover for your Sprinter, Transit, or ProMaster camper van? Look no further than the Universal CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Cover, the ultimate solution for CRL half-slider bunk windows! Our vanlife experts have carefully designed this cover to meet all your needs, using only the best materials available to ensure quality and durability.

Crafted with a special insulation layer, our Universal CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Cover works wonders to maintain your van's interior temperature, keeping you comfortable in any weather. The durable nontoxic ripstop coverings and Low-E SSR aluminum-backed insulation we use provide optimal protection from UV rays and radiant heat, blocking out up to 97% of heat on a hot day. And in the colder months, trust that our covers will keep the heat in better than any others, allowing you to stay warm and cozy.

Our covers are made to last, with aluminum window frames and custom steel tabs that use VHB 5953 adhesive and are black powder-coated to match the window frame. Plus, installation is easy with very strong N48 rare-earth magnets, meaning no holes need to be drilled.

This Universal CRL Half-Slider Bunk Window (VW1033) Cover is designed to fit CR Laurence half-slider windows (VW1033R, VW1033L), with pull tabs integrated to both the front and back to make it easy to open and close. The cover uses 5mm thick Low-E SSR(tm) insulation, which has a higher R-value than the competition and is mold & mildew resistant, aluminum-faced on both sides, and durable. The cover is stitched together with 100% polyester UV-resistant thread and finished with durable nylon webbing edge binding.

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