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Advanced Camper Van Insulation & Soundproofing - Gen 2 Duck Liner

Advanced Camper Van Insulation & Soundproofing - Gen 2 Duck Liner

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Tec Vanlife Engineered DUCK Liner: Advanced Insulation and Sound Deadening for Off-Grid Camper Van Conversions

Discover the enhanced Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner, meticulously designed for the adventurous off-grid camper van conversion. Our updated liner, now crafted from a superior closed-cell sponge neoprene, offers an unmatched combination of durability, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

Key Features and Improvements:

Condensation Prevention: A common challenge in van life is managing condensation, which can lead to moisture buildup, mold growth, and potential health hazards. The Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner addresses this issue head-on. By preventing hot air inside your van from contacting the cold metal surface, it effectively eliminates the risk of condensation, safeguarding your van environment.

Enhanced Reflective Foil: The reflective foil layer has been improved to boost insulation efficiency. It effectively reflects radiant heat back inside your van, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature regardless of external conditions.

Superior Noise Absorption and Insulation: Our advanced closed-cell medium sponge neoprene not only absorbs noise but also provides top-tier insulation. With high R-values of .89 for the 10mm and .57 for the 5mm thicknesses, it ensures optimal thermal efficiency.

Robust Physical Properties: The material is dust-proof, waterproof, and resistant to oil and corrosion, ensuring longevity and consistent performance in various conditions.

Fire Resistance Upgrade: The new neoprene material offers heightened fire resistance. It is non-combustible making it a safer choice for your van life adventures.

Back Adhesive Layer: For ease of installation, the liner includes a back adhesive, allowing for quick, hassle-free application.

The Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner is not just an insulation product; it's a comprehensive solution for creating a comfortable, safe, and efficient living space in your camper van. Whether you're parked in a snowy landscape or traversing sun-scorched roads, our liner ensures your van remains a haven of comfort and safety.

Upgrade your van life experience with the Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner – where adventure meets comfort and safety.

Lightweight and easy to work with, the Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner is the perfect choice for anyone looking to insulate and soundproof their van.

Sold by roll

Length per roll: 32.5 ft

Width: 3.25 ft

The Tec Vanlife DUCK Liner is an advanced insulation and sound deadening solution for off-grid camper van conversions. It features superior closed-cell sponge neoprene for durability and efficiency. Key benefits include condensation prevention, enhanced reflective foil for improved insulation, superior noise absorption, and high thermal efficiency. It's also robust, being dust-proof, waterproof, and resistant to oil and corrosion, with added fire resistance for safety. The liner includes a back adhesive for easy installation, offering a comprehensive solution for a comfortable and safe van living space. Furthermore, pairing it with 3M Thinsulate enhances the overall insulation, optimizing comfort in van life.



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