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Ford Transit Modular Roof Rack

Ford Transit Modular Roof Rack

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★ Modular design allows for the relocation of crossbars to accommodate solar panels, cargo boxes, or any other gear on your roof.

Tec Vanlife Modular roof rack system stands out in the market, primarily due to its innovative use of custom ALUMINUM EXTRUSIONS.

  • Unlike the conventional bent aluminum racks, which often compromise on strength at bending points, the aluminum extrusions used in this roof rack ensure superior structural integrity and resilience, offering unmatched durability and load capacity.
  • Each crossbar and sidewall of the rack is crafted from a single, continuous piece of aluminum, molded under high pressure to create a uniform, robust profile that is impossible to achieve with bent aluminum. This results in a rack system that not only has a higher load-bearing capacity but also maintains its structural integrity under diverse and challenging conditions, making it ideal for the rugged demands of camper van travel.
  • What also makes our roof rack stand out is our attention to detail. We purposely left a gap between the fairing and the van body. When driving on the highway, this gap allows turbulence created by air hitting the van body to escape, improving aerodynamic efficiency. Additionally, the gap allows more airflow under your solar panels, which helps cool them. Plus, our aluminum extrusion approach for the side wall further reduces weight, as we can laser cut more openings in the side wall to increase airflow. This is extremely important because, while your vehicle is parked, these openings significantly improve airflow and heat dissipation under your solar panels.

Estimated installation time for first time DIYer:



Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Aluminum extrusion provides excellent strength while remaining lightweight, which is ideal for maintaining the vehicle's overall weight balance.

Experience the Difference:

  • Lighter: Shedding unnecessary weight, our roof rack ensures your van's performance remains uncompromised, optimizing fuel efficiency and handling.
  • More Versatile: With the innovative design of the cross bars and side walls, you have the freedom to customize your rack to suit your ever-changing needs. Accommodate solar panels, roof boxes, or any vanlife gear with ease and convenience.

Enhanced Aerodynamics with Wind Fairing: We understand that a quiet and smooth ride is crucial for your comfort. That's why our Modular Roof Rack comes equipped with a wind fairing that has undergone rigorous wind tunnel testing. Engineered to reduce noise and minimize air drag, the wind fairing ensures a tranquil travel experience, making every mile on the road a pleasure.

Dimensions to Match Your Aspirations:

  • Total Width: 62.79" (1595mm)
  • Croos bar length:  62.40" (1585mm))

130 Transit: 150.4 inches (266.0cm)

148 Transit: 121.25 inches (308.0cm) 

148 EXT Transit: 104.72 inches (382.0cm)

Internal width for fitting solar panels, etc.

62.22" (1555mm) 


130 Transit: 49lbs

148 Transit: 58lbs

148 EXT Transit: 74lbs

With our Modular Roof Rack, the open road beckons like never before. Embrace the spirit of exploration and elevate your vanlife experience today.

Embrace the Next Chapter of Vanlife - Where Strength Meets Lightness and Versatility Knows No Bounds. Own your adventure with our Modular Roof Rack! 🚐✨

Please note : 

Mounting brackets are included in the package. 


Looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea on your roof or need to secure more gear to the rack? Check out our brand new decking system.



Ignoring the following warnings may result in the rack detaching from the vehicle, leading to serious injury or death. Ensure you do not exceed the maximum load limit specified by the vehicle manufacturer and use all available attachment points on the van roof. Inspect and tighten all hardware after the first 100 miles and every 600 miles thereafter. Check the overall integrity of the rack every 600 miles or monthly, whichever occurs first. If you are unsure, submit rack plans or photos to for evaluation before final installation or use. 

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