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Aluminum Headliner Shelf for Sprinter | Built-in Curtain Rails

Aluminum Headliner Shelf for Sprinter | Built-in Curtain Rails

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Maximize Your Sprinter's Cockpit Storage with Our Sleek Aluminum Headliner Shelf

Elevate the functionality and style of your Sprinter van with our Aluminum Headliner Shelf, a premium storage solution designed to enhance the space above your cockpit. Crafted from a single piece of 5/32" thick high-grade aluminum, this shelf offers the perfect blend of strength and lightweight design, ensuring durability without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

Seamless Installation, Optimized Space

Our headliner shelf is engineered for easy installation, allowing you to quickly increase your van's storage capacity. Its smart, raised design preserves essential headroom while integrating seamlessly with existing visor storage shelves and grab handles, maximizing space with efficiency and style.

Built-in Curtain Rails for Enhanced Privacy and Insulation

Create a private, comfortable environment in your cockpit with our integrated cab curtain rails. With the included hardware, you can easily hang your chosen curtains for added privacy and insulation. This feature is especially beneficial for vans with swivel seats, as it allows the curtains to be utilized effectively even when the seats are turned, ensuring continuous privacy and thermal comfort. Insulation is crucial in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature, reducing energy costs, and minimizing external noise, making it an essential aspect of van life.

Perfect Fit for Modern and Classic Sprinters

Designed specifically for 2019+ Sprinter models, our Aluminum Headliner Shelf fits snugly above the cockpit, enhancing your van's aesthetics while providing extra storage. Owners of 2006-2018 Sprinters will find the shelf easily adaptable, with a minimal 3/8" gap on each side, ensuring a secure and visually appealing fit.

Elevate your Sprinter's functionality and style with our Aluminum Headliner Shelf, the ultimate solution for maximizing cockpit storage space while enhancing privacy and insulation, perfect for life on the road.


Note: Curtains not included.

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