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Rear Door Tire Carrier VS30 Sprinter (2019+)

Rear Door Tire Carrier VS30 Sprinter (2019+)

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Please contact us about the wheel hardware before placing an order.

  • Allows for larger-than-stock tire storage
  • Frees up space underneath for other accessories
  • Door retains full range of motion
  • Depth is approx. 16″ from rear glass (2500)

Without a doubt, the best place to store the spare tire for your Mercedes Sprinter is to mount it on your rear door. Moving the spare tire from underneath the van keeps the wheel clean & out of harm’s way, provides easier access, and allows you to store a larger-than-stock tire. Best of all it frees up valuable real estate underneath the van which can be better utilized for something like our 28-gallon auxiliary fuel tank or 21-gallon freshwater tank.

The 2019+ Sprinter Rear Door Tire Carrier quickly installs in minutes with simple tools & requires no modifications to the van other than drilling 2 small holes behind the rear door emblem. Taking what learned from years of installing swingarms, we designed our tire carrier with smooth operation & sturdiness in mind. The result is a tire carrier that perfectly tracks with the swing of the rear driver-side door while evenly distributing the load across the hinges. Your rear door will retain the full range of motion (180 degrees with a factory wheel & tire) all while having the most securely mounted spare tire carrier on the market on the back. Vans equipped with window flares or oversized aftermarket tires (285+ width) mounted on the carrier may contact the side of the van with the door fully opened. Limited-travel doorstops (included) can be installed for those applications. Dually wheel adaptors are available for you 3500 van owners too!

Our Sprinter spare tire carrier is steel construction with a corrosion resistant powder coat finish, billet aluminum logo badge & includes stainless steel hardware. We also added a locating lug pin to make it easier to mount your tire on the carrier.  We also include a rear door reinforcement brace to prevent flexing and long-term damage to the rear door. Our 2019+ Sprinter Spare Tire Carrier ships with a textured black powder-coated finish ensuring it will last & look good for years to come.

Fit notes: 

  • The weight limit for the tire carrier is 100 lbs.
  • Only fits vans equipped with 180˚ door hinges. These can be visually identified as the hinges with 2 circular holes in the center. For vans equipped with 270˚ door hinges, we offer Genuine Mercedes-Benz color-matched 180-degree driver-side rear door hinges.)
  • For vehicles that see frequent off-road use, we recommend installing the included rear door reinforcement brace to prevent potential damage caused by the tire flexing the rear door.
  • Depth is approx. 16″ from rear glass (2500)
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