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Tec Vanlife Fan Insulation Curtain

Tec Vanlife Fan Insulation Curtain

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Introducing the Tec Vanlife Fan Insulation Curtain, the ultimate solution for vanlife enthusiasts who want to maintain a comfortable interior temperature in their camper vans. Designed to fit perfectly with MaxxAir Fan or Fantastic Fan 16.5″ x 16.5″ flanges, this insulation curtain is a must-have for all van dwellers.

Crafted with powerful N48 Neodymium magnets, this insulation curtain is easy to install and holds firmly in place. The curtain reflects up to 96% of radiant heat, providing excellent protection against extreme weather conditions. This insulation also helps to minimize outside noise, making your van a more peaceful and comfortable living space.

Whether you're camping in the scorching heat or chilly weather, the Tec Vanlife Fan Insulation Curtain will help to regulate the temperature inside your van, allowing you to relax and enjoy your adventures. So upgrade your van with this high-quality insulation curtain today and experience the ultimate comfort in your vanlife journey.



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