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Bamboo Crossply/Plywood

Bamboo Crossply/Plywood

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Discover the exceptional quality of our Bamboo Plywood, skillfully crafted to meet the highest standards of sustainability and durability for your diverse project needs. Available in a variety of dimensions, our bamboo plywood is the ideal choice for everything from bespoke furniture to architectural accents.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly: Join the sustainable movement with our low-VOC, ULEF-certified bamboo plywood.
  • Durable and Strong: Ideal for furniture, cabinets, and woodworking with better dimensional stability.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Features a sleek, "sliced" look with the possibility of exposed, elegant edges.

Product Dimensions:

  1. 2000mm x 850mm (78.74" x 33.46") - Thickness: 5mm (approximately 0.20 inches): This elegantly thin bamboo plywood combines flexibility with resilience, making it an excellent choice for decorative elements, refined cabinetry, and lightweight constructions where detail and precision are key.

  2. 2000mm x 850mm (78.74" x 33.46") - Thickness:12mm (approximately 1/2 inches): Enhanced thickness lends this bamboo plywood additional durability and support for more rigorous applications. It's superb for creating sturdy shelving, elegant tabletops, and other medium-duty projects where a balance of strength and lightness is crucial.

  3. 2000mm x 600mm (78.74" x 23.62") - Thickness: 18mm (approximately 5/8 inches): Our most robust option, designed for the toughest challenges, offers unparalleled stability and support. Ideal for heavy-duty furniture, durable workbenches, and significant architectural features that demand strong backing.

Available in various thicknesses for a range of projects, our bamboo plywood is stocked at our Delta warehouse in Vancouver, BC, ensuring easy access for all your needs.

Choose Bamboo Design for a blend of sustainability, reliability, and sophistication in your next project.

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