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SOK 206Ah | 12V - Heated LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

SOK 206Ah | 12V - Heated LiFePO4 Lithium Battery

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  • Built-In Heating Pad
  • Bluetooth and BMS
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Built-In Heating Pad - Good to -20ºC (-4ºF)! Never jump your battery again and rest assured that the cold isn’t hurting it. 
  • Bluetooth - Check your battery's health anywhere, at any time, right from your phone. Within Bluetooth range of course.
  • Plug and Play with BMS - A built-in Battery Management System ensures you won’t have to worry about current and charging issues, simply plugin and go. 
  • Over Charging or Discharging Protection - Another awesome built-in BMS feature.
  • 3000-8000 Cycles - Incredible longevity, you won’t find this with other batteries.
  • Only 48lbs - We know, not light, but worth the extra poundage.
  • Serviceable Case - As easy to work on as it is to the plugin.
  • 7-Year Warranty - The company plans on your having this battery at least this long, what a great investment!

Charge Information:

Recommended Charge Current: 40A
Maximum Charge Current: 50A
Recommended Charge Voltage: 14.6V

Discharge Information:
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
Peak Discharge Current: 200A (7.5 s ±2.5 s)
Recommended Low Voltage Disconnect: 10.4V

Temperature Information:
Discharge Temperature: -20 to 60ºC (-4 to 140ºF)
Charge Temperature:-20 to 45ºC (-4 to 113ºF)
Storage Temperature: -5 to 35ºC (23 to 95ºF)

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